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What is Ministry?
Compost Christians
Chiggers and People
What Fire Burns in You?
Leaves, Leaves, Leaves
What is Faith?

The NEW There is Hope TV
Seek but Not Find

Delayed Answers to Prayer
Delayed Answers to Prayer-Part One
Delayed Answers to Prayer-Part Two, Psalm 69
Delayed Answers to Prayer, Part Three, Psalm 116

See You Later-Pastor Rich Farewell to SODC
See You Later-Part One
See You Later-Part Two

Encounter with God
Encounter with God-Part One
Encounter with God-Part Two

True Freedom
True Freedom-Part One
True Freedom-Part Two

Community Development
Community Development-Part One
Community Development-Part Two

Easter/Resurrection Sunday
Go to Jerusalem-Part One
Go to Jerusalem-Part Two
After the Resurrection-Part One

After the Resurrection-Part Two
Resurrection Sunday
Jesus Falsely Accused-Our Example

Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Be Filled with the Holy Spirit-Part One
Be Filled with the Holy Spirit-Part Two
Baptism in the Holy Spirit-Part One
Baptism in the Holy Spirit-Part Two

Romans Studies
Romans 1
Romans 3
Romans 8:1-11, Part One
Romans 8:1-11, Part Two

A New Thing
A New Thing-Part One
A New Thing-Part Two

Revival-In or Out. Part One
Revival-In or Out. Part Two

Jesus Our Anchor and Rock

God is Doing a New Thing

Press on Toward the Goal

Honesty and Integrity

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The Passion of Christ




Book of James


Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse-A Biblical Approach

Lesson Introduction
PDF-Sexual Harassment-A Biblical Approach: Introduction


Lesson One
PDF-Sexual Harassment-A Biblical Approach: Lesson One-Bible Verses


Lesson Two
PDF-Sexual Harassment-A Biblical Approach-Lesson Two: Appearance of Evil


Lesson Three
PDF-Sexual harassment-A Biblical Approach-Lesson Three: Examples of the Appearance of Evil


Lesson Four
PDF-Sexual Harassment-A Biblical Approach-Lesson Four: Drunkenness and Sexual Immorality


Lesson Five
PDF-Sexual Harassment-A Biblical Approach: Lesson Five-The Hypocrisy Must End


Lesson Too Close, Too Soon


America in Distress Series


Solution for America Series


Jesus Revolution


Love Series


Ambassadors for Christ


God's Workmanship


True Freedom in Christ

Intimacy with God



God is on the Move


Spiritual Warfare


The Fullness of God Series


Deeper in Christ Series


Addiction Free Forever Series


Let's Get Real


Moving Beyond the Past

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The following are some of the topics that will be broadcasted in the future:

  • The Reality of Hell
  • Sharing the Gospel
  • Loving the Hurting
  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Radical Repentance
  • Believe on Christ
  • Passion for the Lost

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