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The following are the shows that can be watched on There is Hope TV. Just click on the appropriate  link:

The Passion of Christ


Book of James

America in Distress Series

Solution for America Series

Jesus Revolution

Love Series

Ambassadors for Christ

God's Workmanship

True Freedom ion Christ

Intimacy with God

God is on the Move

Spiritual Warfare

The Fullness of God Series

Deeper in Christ Series

Addiction Free Forever Series

Let's Get Real

Moving Beyond the Past

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The following are some of the topics that will be broadcasted in the future:

  • The Reality of Hell
  • Sharing the Gospel
  • Loving the Hurting
  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Radical Repentance
  • Believe on Christ
  • Passion for the Lost

We will also be broadcasting interviews with people on the street, including Muslims, and will have studio interviews with atheists, agnostics, philosophers, educators, politicians, etc. We will be challenging them to consider the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will also be interviewing those who have overcome a variety of challenges because of Jesus Christ.

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Bible Reading Plan Module


Job 32-33
Matthew 14:1-21


Job 34-35
Matthew 14:22-36


Job 36-37
Matthew 15:1-20


Job 38-40
Matthew 15:21-39


Job 41-42
Matthew 16


Genesis 23-24
Matthew 17


Genesis 25-26
Matthew 18:1-20
Old Testament and New Testament